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Accepting The Unacceptable, Parenting Autism, Epilepsy, Special Needs

Mar 20, 2019

This weeks episode didn't go to plan. I recorded it, edited it and then just wasn't feelin it. 

I want to always make sure that you get the very best content so I decided not to publish something I didn't find the value in.

So today's episode is all about the direction of the podcast. 

Heres a little secret, the next direction is up to you.   

For the next several episodes, I will talk about what you want to hear. 

So here is your homework. Email me and let me know what you want me to talk about. 

Do you have questions? What do you struggle with? What are the topics that you would find valuable?

Are there certain people you would love me to interview? who are they? what are the topics you are interested in hearing from experts in?

I am here for you. I am excited to serve you in whatever way I can and I would love to know what you want to hear. So email me or find me on social media and send me a DM. Here are all the places you can find me

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