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Accepting The Unacceptable, Parenting Autism, Epilepsy, Special Needs

Mar 12, 2019


One of the first warning signals we may have that our kids have autism, is the fact that they may not be able to speak. We look at the parenting books and see our kiddos are behind.

We worry that they may never catch up. What if they are "non-verbal" forever?

I think a lot of times, we skip ahead. We worry that they may never talk but before anyone learns how to talk, they learn how to use non-verbal communication. 

Non-verbal communication is things like gesturing, pointing, using our hands and bodies. 

In this episode, I talk about how to teach your children how to use and understand non-verbal communication.

Teaching my daughter Remy how to point gave her the ability to make choices and to let us know her needs. That right there is worth all the weight in gold.

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