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Accepting The Unacceptable, Parenting Autism, Epilepsy, Special Needs

Feb 12, 2019

Autism has become a very big topic of conversation in our society. I never really cared about the conversation to be honest, until I wondered about my daughter. 

The thought of autism is scary. We as a society fear it because we don't understand it. I know I didn't. 

With Remy having seizures due to a genetic disorder, I never could have imagined that autism would also be a part of her world. But here we were seeking out a diagnosis and coming to terms that our child might be autistic. 

I will never forget those first days. The questions, the testing, the searching for answers. I was scared and sad and nervous. I was worried about Remy's future and wondering if I had it in me to know how to mother her.

I now know that Remy having autism while challenging is just a part of her world. There's great things about it and there are challenges. 

In this episode, I take you back to the beginning. To when we found out our baby girl was on the spectrum and what that was like. 

I also talk about what you can do if you suspect your child might be on the spectrum and what you can do about it. 

This will be the first of many episodes dedicated to autism. Especially the early days of autism. 

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